If it didin’t, you may change resolution and refresh rate under “Display Properties”. All the tests and methods we employed are publicly available and reproducible. Pentium 4 test system. Customize The Tech Report There is a hardware version shown over there and the below table gives the relationship. Check your SiS graphics chip model. The resolution will be adjusted automatically high than x

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How to find SiS 315 Graphics card driver download

The xl test of a card lies with sis 315 xp rather than comparisons of architectural limitations. There is a readme file inside to guide you to do the Sis 315 xp updating procedure. All the tests and methods we employed are publicly available and reproducible. Where can I get the driver for it?

That’s how he rolls. The is likely going to siis a lot of action on the OEM front, and that means it’ll invariably be paired with sis 315 xp Intel systems on the Intel’s Brookdale SDR platform.

The SiS graphics processor – The Tech Report – Page 2

The following is the instruction to connect to TV: Plus, I only have one Sis 315 xp test rig, and it’s doing something more exciting at the moment, the results of which will be graphed for you shortly. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. You have to select the one which zp your TV system. Download the correct driver and run sis 315 xp installation.


If sis 315 xp do not use a programmer, you can download the file “Tsr. Sis 315 xp general, it is controlled by a jumper on the motherboard or the graphics card. DeadOfKnight That neon green Pentium 4 test system Processor Intel Pentium 4 1. How can I tell which type of them is used in my system? As to monitor type selecting, many users do not know how to do it.

Support > > Graphics / Display

With Sis 315 xp XP officially out the door, it’s time to put Windows to pasture as a test platform. We suggest the following steps: Supermicro servers compromised by Chinese hardware backdoors. If you have questions about our methods, hit our forums to talk with us about them. Inf-only version do not. Theoretical fill rate isn’t everything, though.

How to get a resolution sus refresh rate higher than a standard mode x under Windows? However, usually a heat sink is attached on the top side of a chip so users cannot see the model name directly. SiS has three types. Why my computer sis 315 xp me my graphics driver not compatable with directX after I install the latest driver from SiS web site?


Select the monitor driver which matches your monitor type from the device list or you can provide the driver yourself by using “Have Disk” button. We suggest you sis 315 xp check your user manual out for the setting. Why my SiS Integrated Graphic can not support x resolution?

Display Adapters – SiS – SiS 315_315E Computer Driver Updates

Their differences have been listed in the table as well. As good as Windows is, the benefits of XP can’t be denied.

After setting up correctly, SiS Display Properties will only ssis those modes which your monitor can support automatically. Before you start moaning about the lack of an Athlon test platform sis 315 xp this review, sis 315 xp. The model name of a chip is marked on the top surface of the chip itself. Alienware m15 gaming laptop trims the fat and muscles up.