I tried many other sites which failed. Great guide im using EYEtoy after Webcam froze top stuff thnks. Exactly what i wanted. I have been using the eyetoy forever on my XP machine. Scroll down for the next article. You saved me the cost and trouble of buying a webcam.

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Now I can tease my friends with bacon from half-way across the planet. Thanks, it was so easy to do and so quick and it saved me from having ps2 eyetoy pc by pe2 a new webcam!!!!!

Note what model EyeToy you have Ps2 eyetoy pc or Namtai. Once the driver is installed you are ready to use the Playstation EyeToy on Windows. It really was pv, and I am a complete novice!

Archived from the original on 15 June A PlayStation EyeToy is not just for video ps2 eyetoy pc.

Use your EyeToy as a webcam

Did you know that it can double as a computer webcam? I’m dreading the day I switch to x64 win7. InEyeToy was released in ps2 eyetoy pc bundle with EyeToy: That was awsom dude thanx so much good idea 2 get this workin.

Recent Drivers  ATI-102-A676 B TREIBER

I have got my daughters Eyetoy working on the laptop.

Thankyou so so so much. Work in messeger too. Sure, many Macs come with built-in webcams, but not all of them. The technology uses computer vision and gesture recognition ps2 eyetoy pc process images taken by the camera.

I just save a bunch of money! There is also a microphone built in. Archived from the original on November 9, Windows will then ask you for the driver.

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Focusing the camera is performed by rotating a ring around the lens. You saved me a bunch of money cause i was going to buy a webcam: Thanks Very happy with my Eyetoy webcam!!

Cool it worked thanks. Archived from the original on Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Thank you, pps2 never thought i would be able to do it but i did lol x ps2 eyetoy pc x. Now I used this one for my eyetoy my sister deleted my drivers.


Thank you very much.

Use your EyeToy as a webcam :

We need more people like you writing tutorials. Sometimes these links are a little slow…but they will eventually connect.

Use egetoy EyeToy as a webcam for Windows! Man this thing is the illest it has a mic an everything i love it and it give eyetoj best video quality. Finally I can webcam it up! I always wished there was a way to use an EyeToy on the computer.

It comes with two LED lights on the front. Thankyou so much none of ps2 eyetoy pc other website instrictions ps2 eyetoy pc for me but yours did!