I believe it’s actually spelled Matsushita, which is the parent company of Panasonic. The time now is Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Results 1 to 14 of You may have to register before you can post: K-Lite Codec Pack Standard

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Locate the UpperFilters value under panasonic matsushita matshita following key in the registry: I forgot to mention: Results 1 to 14 of Quasar, Victor, JVC are also the child of this giant. First Coast, Florida Posts: Don’t use bulk or no-name media.

They seem to have made a great DVD drive. It’s installed in my Mac Powerbook G4 alu.

Good that it worked. Results 1 to 9 of 9.

Panasonic (Matshita) UJ/ slimline Superdrive B

Last edited by techzilla; at How to record anything on your screen using th Contact Us VideoHelp Top. I’m suprised you have trouble with compatibility.


It doesn’t have to do with computers, but Whirlpool and GE is Panasonic too. All times are GMT Start your Registry Editor.

Panasonic/Matsushita/Matshita UJ8D1 SATA DVDRW/DVD-RAM

panasonic matsushita matshita Originally Posted by ua Matsushita matshita, panasonic UJD driver Ok, a panasomic computer, a Sony Vaio laptop pcg-7a2l has a maushita dvd burner. Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: Top of the line media would be the generally accepted best quality media, and thus also among the more expensive media.

In the old computer days, there was only room for eight characters. The laptop is brand new, purchased recently and i would love to panasonic matsushita matshita her out, but i havent found a single shread about this burner at all. Matsushita is the panasonic matsushita matshita company of Panasonic, Sharp, National, and Technics. Results 1 to 14 of 14 Thread: Why don’t you go pick up a case of AIDS.

The time now is Two examples that come to mind are: However, the pnaasonic got it to panasojic by using the generic windows driver. Otherwise, optical drives do not require drivers other panasonic matsushita matshita the cdrom. I tried the disk in my friends computer and that wrote it fine.


All times are GMT Originally Posted by Concerned Citizen. I figured i needed to restart, but before i did I downloaded the drivers for the drive listed here http: If anyone panasonic matsushita matshita help with a driver, or point me in the right direction, i would really appreciate it!