The minute indicator flashes. The VNPC also has options for setting an alarm. To set an alarm: It’s adequate but very basic. What are the specifications for this model?

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dihital My advice would be to buy the VNPC as opposed to the Olympus VN which cannot easily be transferred to computer, just make sure it has the PC tagged onto the end of it’s name. What is the battery life expectancy of the VNPC?

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Pressing the STOP button stops the playback and resets the recorder to normal playback speed. The purpose of the function is to eliminate “dead air” during recordings, thereby conserving memory and shortening file times. HIGH is a high sensitvity level used in conference or lecture situations. How are files renamed in Digital Wave Player?

Microphone sensitvity is set in the recorder Menu. Individual selected files or the entire contents of a selected folder can be erased from the VNPC. It can record audio clips, in Digital, for up to 25 hours.

Select or record a message file to be linked to the alarm. How is the recording volume controlled? What is the DSS audio format?

Can I save my audio files to an audio CD? This recorder accepts monaural earphones and headphones with a standard 3. How are the date and time set on the VNPC digital voice recorder?


Also useful as a dictation or memo machine.

The three eecorder quality modes provide options for recording high-quality sound files or expanding the memory capacity by using a lower-quality recording mode. The Digital Wave Player dogital supports the renaming of audio files and creating custom folders for archiving files. You may also like. I do recordings to send to my son in Australia but he is unable to convert the recording to something that he can listen to on his PC.

The VNPC ships with a USB cable and software so that recordings can be downloaded to a computer for storage, management and editing. To rename a file, right-click on it, then left-click on Rename File and overwrite the file name. In the example below, Folder B has been divided into a series of sub-folders.

Index marks are annotations that can be placed in a file during recording or playback to provide a quick and easy way of navigating to important sections of a file. What could be wrong? The procedure is as follows:. An alarm setting must be attached to a particular file in a particular folder. It was at a very cheap price. Optionally, you may instead highlight the file, select Rename File in the Edit menu, and overwrite the file name.

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Recording time is a measure of memory capacity and is not a guarantee of battery life. Spaces are allowed, but some characters — such as backslash, ampersand, and colon recordder may not be employed because they serve other functions in computer languages.


The batteries may be inserted incorrectly.

This means the VNPC can olympuz used for audio reminders or as a travel alarm. The Olympus in my opinion definitely has the edge over other manufacturers having done a lot of research on these machines.

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This is because the bit depth used to expand the memory capacity in the recorder cannot be converted into a format with the file properties necessary to create an audio CD. Battery life is estimated by Olympus, but varies according to the type of batteries and the conditions in which they are used. It’s adequate for dictation but a bit irritating vooice you have to listen to a full-length lecture or talk.