I didn’t think the cop chases were quite as much fun as in Most Wanted, the city layout was a lot more fiddly and didn’t lend itself quite as well to long, flowing sequences as Most Wanted did. Hopefully this bodes well for the series at least in my eyes. The idiots pile up on the pillar because they just don’t get it. I thought I was going to be alone in the ‘because it wasn’t Most Wanted thing’ but it seems like everyone had the same impression including the canyon race exception , so I think that’s pretty conclusive NameIsRobertPaulson: It seems the game changes difficulty based on how far into the game you are – because now all the old missions that I skipped are much harder than they would have been had I played them back when I was up against tier 2 opponents. Fri Apr 06, 1:

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In Nfs carbon hard Wanted, you could tell where things where and what locations where the best routes to shake the cops. And the way the game attaches heat to geographic areas makes a lot of sense too.

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I’ve conquered most of the territory, and all that’s left is the upper right region where you go against Darius and all the previous cronies. I nfs carbon hard hit this wall and pretty much gave up. I’m sure others here will disagree, I know I’m just terrible at this game. So what can I do?

Nfs carbon hard optional; nfs carbon hard for “Other”: If the cop chases, say, gained me special unlockables, I wouldn’t complain, but since they’re just useless and seem to be way too easy MW, it was horrible.


Jakal Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: The best value car in the whole game is the Lotus Elise. At least you didn’t have to do too many of them and a lot of them could be pretty easily avoided.

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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? The idiots pile up on the pillar because they just don’t get it.

I tried a canyon race, though. I had to skip that, beat MK, bought the Nfs carbon hard Carrera GT, enhanced it and went back to that unfinished event catbon I did find a bug of some sort, theres this race event, its a circuit type event, i forgot whos territory anyway, during nfx start of the race, 3 or all of your opponents will ram themselves into a pillar inside a tunnel and they get stuck, so for the next 3 long laps nffs will be a breeze, in fact I remeber lapping them twice nfs carbon hard, this is the event nfs carbon hard I keep repeating to get cash.

Don’t have an account? Yes I knew folks would disagree, because I’ve visited many forums nfs carbon hard to figure out the “trick” to beating the races in the top section of the map.

Need For Speed: Carbon – lil help?

I came to the conclusion I just don’t have the chops to race at that nfs carbon hard. Once I scraped ccarbon cash together to buy the SLR it was plain sailing. Sign up for free!

Sat Apr 07, I beat a lot of ’em by having my partner win, a very few I got lucky on and won myself. In Nfs carbon hard, it’s boring.


I felt that it could have been a good game, but fallowing Most Wanted, it was lacking.

Seriously, I have a crew, why carobn I send them out to do my defending for me? I needed the Gallardo to do that.

But yeah, the maps really aren’t great for it and I’m finding a lot of the chases even the high level ones caron peter out without my really having tried anything clever, as opposed to Most Wanted where there was a real onus on the player to put some work into getting away. Here’s the gameplay bits about it that still really nfs carbon hard me: I actually chuckled when you said to just stick to the center of the track Haven’t played it – nfs carbon hard because of the genre, but I don’t know.

Just some om my personal gripes. You still get cxrbon “win” the race and you nfs carbon hard the same money regardless of whether it’s you or your wingman that crosses the line first but the victories feel pretty hollow. Some of the particulars: Not a bad idea, but it wasn’t done very nfs carbon hard. The crew thing was an alright idea but badly implemented; the police harrd were irrelevant and completely tacked on; it felt somewhat short, with territory defence and the Challenge Series events mostly existing as a gameplay stretcher; the story was terrible; the canyon races were a pain in the arse.