Is it possible to do the following: Hi all, This is my question: In my opinion there are 2 limits: I think all of these arrangers allow you to individual mute and edit tracks directly, however I prefer to do it in Cubase. As I understand it, the midi capabilities of the MM6 are pretty limited.

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I mean, using a different yamaha or other synth, can I modi this limit? How about just making two MP3’s at home, one with drums and one without for each song? I load a song into Cubase and spend a couple of hours rearranging it to take advantage of the instruments on my PSR-S, before I load it onto the keyboard or a USB flash for the final result.

Purchase midi files from the internet, copy them to USB drive, plug USB drive into the Mldi and then use the sequencer to take out certain parts, like drums for example as my band has a drummer and then play along with the song? Results 1 to 3 of 3.

Very similar to the workings of the PSR, etc, Home keyboards It also appears to have the ability to mute the misi individually so that if percussion sounds are on one or more of the 8 tracks you could mute those out.


I think the pro is too big and complex for my simple needs. Once you create a user profile on Motifator and update with the appropriate information, the updates shown here will be specific to you.

There midj enough infos for any other user. Yamaha MM6 as midi contoller? Thanks for the advice. This is and maybe different from other keyboards you have encountered. I called Yamaha first, but, guess what, I never had an answer. Login or Sign Up. The keyboard specs do matter a lot for the sequencer and the general midi instruments, since most midi songs use up to 16 tracks.

Akai MPC Forums – anyone have a yamaha mm6 midi’ed to their mpc? : MPC

I use Cubase 3 SE with the synth, but I guess that’s got nothing to m6 with it. Besides the option I already gave you zooming overheadone option is to work with your midi files at home and record them to MP3 for stage use.

If the MM6 cannot do this, could mici suggest a keyboard that can. Sign in to disable this ad. Looks like MM6 could be the way to go. Roland and Korg also have their own workstation keyboards in different price and feature ranges but I am less familiar with their lower priced stuff.

I think all of these arrangers allow you to individual mute and edit tracks directly, however I prefer to do it in Cubase.


Thanks for checking that out for me. I just hate that cheap Yamaha keybed, but probably cannot be picky at that price! Hopefully, you will refine your search for a keyboard based on musical goals – more than likely Yamaha makes a keyboard to fit those needs.

The Voices are listed in your manual.

Is it possible to do the following: PM me if interested. One question as I was about to buy a midi controller I paused and wondered if a yamaha mm6 would work as one?

Can the Yamaha MM6 be used as a midi file player?

Not knowing keyboards at all as Im a gtr player only at the moment. I really wish there was a way of getting those sounds in a non cheesy looking built in speakers thing. All times are GMT So, there is no way to control my mm6 internal tone generator from and external midi controller. I may have to see m6m the Roland models have- that new Prelude could be interesting.