In addition to the 3x optical zoom, the Kodak V also offers as much as 4x digital zoom, which effectively increases the camera’s zoom range to a total of 12x. Choices are 10, 20, or 30 seconds, or Continuous. The lens extends outward a full inch when the camera is powered on. When the easily accessed Exposure Compensation mode is activated the LCD screen previews the effect by lightening or darkening in reaction to the degree of plus or minus exposure the user has dialed in. Beware that while you might be able to make out what looks like distinct lines at numbers higher than those we’ve mentioned here, the camera is just doing its best to continue interpreting the lines.

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White balance options include Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, and Open Shade settings, which take advantage of Kodak’s proprietary Color Science technology to achieve an accurate color balance under most lighting.

In addition you can’t just pop in some “regular aesyshare when the proprietary one runs out of juice like you can on some other usually larger cameras. The table above shows maximum run times based on our power measurements and the rated performance of its battery.

Strong detail to 1, lines horizontal Strong detail to 1, lines vertical See full set of test images with explanations See thumbnails of all test and gallery images. Yellow shows that the image may be sharp enough koadk 4×6-inch prints, or that sharpness hasn’t been determined. Hue changes as you travel around the center.


For example, green indicates an acceptable sharpness level, while a red icon indicates that the image is too soft.

Kodak EasyShare V550 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Testing hundreds of digital cameras, we’ve found ewsyshare you can only tell just so much about a camera’s image quality by viewing its images on-screen. As was the case with the last Kodak camera I reviewedthe EasyShare V had white balance problems with my quartz studio lamps. The V lets you copy images from the internal memory to a memory card, and easyshage versa.

This works with both the Kodak Printer Dock as well as the scores of PictBridge-enabled photo printers on the market.

See full set of test images with explanations See thumbnails of kodqk test and gallery images. Check out our free Photo School area! Sets the resolution for still images.

Outdoors, daylight Good color balance, very bright colors. Cycle time shot to shot.

Kodak EasyShare V550

Detail is strong and resolution high, with only a moderate amount of softening in the corners from the lens. Kosak is only available at the 1.

Camera performance is very good for the most part, with two exceptions. This is used for charging the battery, connecting to a television, kodka transferring photos to your Mac or PC. Formats the SD memory card or internal memory. There seems to be one available for every occasion.

In Playback mode, the controller scrolls through captured images, when moved left and right. In more than a slight departure from the handful of well-known Kodak EasyShare digital camera designs, this newest member of the pack is ultra-thin and fashion-forward. The crop at far right shows this, with darker areas of Marti’s hair showing only limited detail, even though individual strands are quite visible against her cheek in the uncropped image. In favorites mode you’ll only see photos tagged as your favorite, either on the camera or by using the EasyShare software.

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Portrait mode is self-explanatory, as is the video mode. The Kodak V’s macro setting performs well, capturing a small minimum area of 2.

Kodak EasyShare V Digital Camera Review – DigitalCameraReview

Don’t just take my word for all this, though. If you have a question about this review, please send them to Jeff. The basic features that we all know are here: The first in a vertical series of buttons lining the left side of the LCD monitor, this button calls up the Delete menu in Review mode. Besides that center-weight and center-spot metering is available, very luxurious.

The flash takes about five seconds to recharge after a full-power shot, about average for this class of camera. Exposure accuracy overall was better than average, easyshars camera requiring less exposure compensation than we’re accustomed to seeing with consumer digicams.

At the telephoto end of the lens’ range though, the lag time of 0. The EasyShare V starts up quickly, taking just 1.