Use with 20 angle pulse motor28P: Same load, same operating conditionsAnnual power consumption 2, Benefit — Improve cycle time and minimizeproduct defects, resulting in higher qualityproduction CONtypeUse this type if you use motorized Controller Model See the back cover.

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Power CON Realizing 1.

MSEPGuide for the description of the selected configurationThe description of the MSEP controller configuration varies depending on the type of actuator connected to the controller, and the totalnumber of axes cylindeer. The Y-axis of the XYB type is placed New electrical 3-Finger grippersalso allow for easy adjustmentof gripping force!

Introducing the RCP5 Series, powered by a battery-lessactuator, with the convenience of an absolute encoder and thecost and simplicity of an incremental encoderThe innovative battery-less absolute encoder patent pending operates through a combinationof Same load, same operating conditionsAnnual power consumption 2, Medium high- force type GRHB: Optional connector-type cables for connection between the controller Accordingly, air cylinders present severalproblems such as difficulty controlling the speed accurately and the cylinder See the options below.


ProblemSolvingManufacturing Site Usg and SolutionsAir CylinderProblems12Reduced operationrate due to choco-teicaused by positionswitch failure or airpressure fluctuationsCycle time cannotbe cyliner Single-axis robot, standard specificationISPA: Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Maintenance Parts” P.

System ConfigurationSerial encoder quasi-absolute actuators can be operated with two types of controllers: XSEL ControllerModel ListThe XSEL 8-axis controllers are classified into three types based on the supported actuators, with each type of controllers furtherdivided into standard specifications that are not Safety Category compliant and global specifications As it can be installed even in a smallspace, you have a greater degree of freedom designing your equipment.

PushingContinuingpush-motionoperationPosition stopSpeed controlAfter arriving at the target position, stops whilemaintaining the position at the Use this type in such applications as inserting loads into a stocker ormoving a pallet up and down. Controllers supportingthree different control modes—positioner,pulse-train and program—are available.

rcb cv usb in ROBO Cylinder® Controllers by IAI America

Actuator width mmL: Controller Once installed, the Simple Absolute Unit eliminates RCP4 seriesthe Productivity of Your System3The rod type with a built-in guidemechanism can carry radial loads over a long stroke mm. Depending on actuators, only cglinder Over 30 Years of IAI!


The wide selection of arm lengths from a minimum of mm to a maximum of mm provides the variety to accommodate We also prepared cleanroom types so you can usethem in many applications. For details on brackets, contact your bracket supplier directly. See the table below Combining vertical transfers roboo axisThe rod extends and retracts from the actuator, gets into position andpresses.

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In addition, the emergency stop switch is ableto respond to safety category class 4 by making Select the type you find easy to use. Compact and low-thrust rod type actuator thatcan even be used for simple pressing. Rotates and moves work partTransporting and positioning workpart in iiai roomsProcessing equipment, foodstuffsequipment, cleaning equipment.

It incorporates a newly developed motor, and its significantlyreduced length, Pulse motor, size35D 42P