Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they can exhibit much more saturated colors sometimes too much and incredibly high contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays. Multi-touch touchscreen display Dual microphone 3-axis accelerometer Digital compass Proximity sensor Ambient light sensor. Now, there’s actually a reason for the extra bulk and that’s the built-in Yamaha speakers. The slide out speaker gives slightly better than average sound but overall it’s an unnecessary contributor to the phone’s bulkiness. If you can find one of these for a reasonable price I would highly recommend it, this phone has convinced me to swap to a new windows 8 phone when it’s time to upgrade. The idea behind hubs is to bring together related content into a single place for consumption and interaction, and it really showcases some of the work Microsoft has done on relevancy, organization, elegance, and typography.

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The internal MicroSD card can be removed and replaced with a bigger one, though.

This will also back up your phone’s data to windowsphone. Most of our shots were far less vibrant at full res than they appeared on the phone’s display, and we also detected some softness, white htc surround and htc surround speed issues here and there. Better than Android for sure.

That’s a pretty big oversight for a media device that’s designed for use in landscape mode, and while we can’t blame HTC for the limitations of Microsoft’s htc surround OS, we can say we don’t think carrying a landscape slider that just barely supports landscape display is such a bright idea.


It was when htc surround pulled htc surround images over to a computer that some of the bloom came off the rose — literally, as you can see above. The end result is something fresh, fun, and functional. Some more powerful smartphones use dual-core and quad-core processors designed to deliver greater performance.

HTC Surround specs

We already felt like the speakers were bit of a superfluous item that would only appeal to a limited number of people, but now even more so. The Bad Speakerphone volume is low.

Facebook Twitter Google htc surround. All things considered, will Windows Phone 7 resonate with consumers? Works best in clear surrohnd.

HTC 7 Surround – Full phone specifications

This review is primarily of the HTC Surround hardware. Retrieved from ” https: However, it’s easy htc surround read and viewable htc surround daylight, and responsive. If hc flip the phone around to the back, you’ll also see there’s a kickstand at the bottom that allows you to prop the phone on a flat surface for watching a video, listening to music, or taking a call hands-free.

It’s interesting to note that several times throughout the review period, people commented on how they liked the user experience on Windows Phone htc surround better than Android–both from a looks standpoint and user friendliness. You can htc surround update your own by tapping on your individual card from the contacts list.

Midterm elections, social media and hacking: All Had it Have srround Want it.

HTC 7 Surround – 16GB – Black (AT&T) Smartphone

htc surround Location – This field shows the positioning systems supported by the device. The search button opens up a Bing search screen.


Other than these sureound gripes htc surround is a great phone. Most relevant reviews See all 40 reviews. It’s certainly better than most, but songs still sounded somewhat tinny. On a phone built for video playback, that’s sort of an issue, and it’s one htc surround on Microsoft to solve — WP7 doesn’t support higher resolutions yet.

HTC Surround review

Best Phones for Show less Show more. In general, however, we found the touch interface and general navigation zippier than past versions of Windows Mobile. The device, shipped with Windows Phone 7 as its operating system, was updated in September to Windows Phone 7.

On the flip side, we found it absolutely wonderful to be able to do htc surround many things from one htc surround, without having to launch htc surround apps, so we have to give Microsoft kudos for thinking of this kind of organization.

It is based on the Nexus One. You will have to htc surround the battery to pop the sim card in and out. Pixel density – The pixel density of a display represents the number of pixels over an area of one inch.