Table access information queries. If you have already created your target database by yourself or using our Full Convert product , you can synchronize data in your target database with your original Gupta SQLBase database. A transaction log file contains before- and after-images of changes to the database as well as log records for transaction control checkpoints, for example. Maybe a 1 page article. An audit operation writes its output to an audit file.

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The Read Only isolation level places no locks on the database and you can only use it for reading data.

General-use files contain result sets, temporary tables, temporary indexes used in processing joins, and hash join information. As you can see in the above figure, there are two sample ISLAND databases and log files spread across three database areas.

How Gupta SQLBase executes queries

Checkpoints are generated every minute, by default, meaning that at least two minutes worth of log records will be pinned on disk. For example, you may wish to document when you issue a COMMIT in an application, or when a program is waiting for a user response.

Before you actually build an installer you can configure how many users the included SQLBase sqlbaze should be configured for. SQLBase database names must conform to the following restrictions:. A transaction log record is written which describes the active transactions at each checkpoint. SQL Command compilation, execution, retrieval, and storage category 2. The space in the temporary file occupied by the result set remains claimed, preventing other transactions from using it.

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Database creates, drops, installs, and deinstalls. SQLBase closes the current log file and creates a new one automatically when the current log file becomes full this is called log rollover. You can’t post JavaScript.

Gupta SQLBase Server

SQLBase checking for available disk space does not apply to partitioned databases. Read Sending a message to an audit file. You can’t delete other posts. Partitions can be on different disks on the same system.

See all current users, current processes and current open database cursors, including details about isolation levels used and locking status. By enabling log file preallocationlog files are created full size and do not grow incrementally. To improve performance, you can redirect the log files to a different directory using the logdir keyword in SQL.

Working With Execution Plans in SQLBase

Groff and Paul N. In addition, SQLBase attempts to delete the temporary file whenever possible.

A storage group is a named list of database areas which is used to organize and specify partitioned databases. Our top of the line database converter.


SQLBase Example Scripts for “The Where Clause”

You can’t delete your own events. It is much faster to read or write to computer sqlbae than to read or write to a disk file. Optional OpenText Business Intelligence OTBI is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports.

It efficiently replicates any supported source database to any supported target databases. This section shows examples of all global audit categories.

SQLBase performs crash recovery automatically whenever a user connects to a crashed database that has just been brought back online.

WinUser elapsedtime This field appears in the performance audit file. The results of your second query will be put into a new temporary file. You can read topics. The following list shows the lock types:. First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code: When a file reaches this defined size, SQLBase automatically generates a new file.