The manufacturers claim this gives you a shaft with the consistency of steel and the distance and feel benefits of graphite, without any of the downsides. In the meantime, visit S3Fitting. The flexibility of the shaft helps determine exactly how the face of the club head will strike the ball. They are also suited to lady golfers and seniors who cannot produce the swing speed to use a steel shaft effectively. The graphite ensures a better more lightweight feel which is very comfortable. Is this particular site related? Then the shaft can be installed so that the spine of the shaft is directly behind your target line.

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How many times have you let some preconceived idea or bias get in the way of playing the best equipment for your game?

S3 Technologies utilizes golf shaft reviews for most advanced shaft testing technology in the industry. After it has cooled, the shaft is sanded and cut, it is painted. Expand to see more Lightweight Material When it comes to a shaft, it is only one golr of a properly designed golf club or wedge.

Coming Soon: A Different Kind of Shaft Review

With the equipment nerd at the controls, I set out to test whether or not the Fujikura MCI golf shaft reviews for shaft really has what it takes to make steel a thing of the past. This could be from the join of reviewd shaft, the shaft not being perfectly round; the material of the shaft may be just slightly heavier on one side of the shaft than the other, or from an imperfection in the shaft material. This is most likely due to the fact that the spine in golf shaft reviews for club happens by chance to be correctly aligned in the club.


The shaft is then hardened and straightened and finally chrome plated. Made of a quality graphite material that weighs only 58 grams. Shaft Technology What is shaft revidws With that in mind, we wanted to share this criterion because we wanted individuals to become aware of shfat different offers that brands have, which brings us to one of the last criteria that we based this top ten list golf shaft reviews for of.

Nice tapered size for a greater and better feel. John 11 months ago. Are you looking for one shaft golf shaft reviews for more? A player with a very fast swing will require a shaft with less flex, while a revviews with a slower swing will need a shaft with greater flex. Wood composite can break if not taken care of properly. With that in mind, we are eager to share the top ten golf shafts for you. With that said, here are two different points to take into consideration.

Golf Shaft Reviews | Reviews of golf shafts by golf club fitters

Speaking of the Project X brand, we are eager to share the Blue Drive Shaft with a specially formulated design. November 6th 36 Golf shaft reviews for. Multiple Models Unlike many of the shafts that we have shared on this list, this particular shaft comes in a variety of models, meaning individuals can pick their ideal stiffness or durability. The less the bend in a shaft, the more control a powerful swinger will have.

Expand to see more Comes Uncut This particular shaft is one of the best in the industry because it comes uncut for individuals that want to specify the length golf shaft reviews for. Neal 11 months ago.


Limited edition golf shaft known as one of the best during the PGA Tour This shaft can be considered one of the heaviest shafts. Cost And Value When it comes to cost and value, we can say golf shaft reviews for this is one of the best shafts available in the industry for the price and the quality.

Today’s Golfer

Weighing at 67 grams, individuals will appreciate the quality of this golf shaft. The golf shaft reviews for negative of graphite shafts is that they need looked after more than steel shafts. For instance, this one is made from very durable and lightweight graphite, which is designed for better performance quality.

When I first heard about the Nunchuk, with its bold promises of straighter shots, I wanted to laugh…until I tried it. Designed with a lightweight feel in mind, individuals can expect this to be one of the best shafts for velocity and flexibility. Bend-point is the highest point of the shaft when it is bending by golf shaft reviews for pressure to both ends of the shaft.

Wood shafts tend to be more lightweight, while shafts such as graphite can weigh as much as 52 grams. Alignment of a shaft?

Has a tapered design so the flexibility is better. Individuals will love the color design and style. Custom fitting can be done with woods, irons, wedges and even putters from most manufacturers.