User List Development List archive. Geb provides easy integration with two such services, SauceLabs and BrowserStack. This is an intentional compromise. To go back to this after setting a report group, simply call reportGroup null. Fix a bug that caused reports for all but the last executed test class in TestNG integration to be wiped out. For more information on using Geb for web and functional testing, see the testing chapter.

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Document the release process. Project related changes User mailing list has moved to Google Groups. Before reading this chapter, please make sure you have read the section on the Browser. Fixes Ignore atCheckWaiting setting when wwebdriver for unexpected pages. Migrated continuous integration build to Snap CI. Maven Using Geb with Maven simply involves pulling in the appropriate dependencies, and configuring the base URL and reports dir in the build script if they are necessary.

Why Test Engineers Should Learn Geb and Spock

See the section on the base url for notes about URLs and slashes. Consider the following page which defines an url fragment in such single page application scenario: Added attribute based methods to relative content navigators such as nextchildren etc.


Geb is now built with Groovy 1. Moving to arbitrary locations with the mouse is currently not supported by the HTMLUnit driver, but moving directly to elements is. This transform is packaged as a separate JAR named geb-implicit-assertions. The jQuery JavaScript library provides an excellent Webdrive r for among other things selecting or targeting content on a page and traversing through and around content.

This allows code like the following…. And do keep in mind that automation language and development language do not have to be the same.

Geb – Very Groovy Browser Automation

There are three bits of configuration that pertain to reporting: This is best illustrated by example…. See the section on advanced page navigation for more information on how to use more complicated URL resolution for pages. It is possible to specify your webdriveer implementation of NavigatorFactory via configuration.

The latter is particularly useful when dealing with single page applications that store state in the fragment identifier by form encoding it. ScreenshotReporter and PageSourceReporterwe would find the following files: This auto-clearing of cookies can be disabled via configuration.

We can also access the gfb items using subscript operator together with an index or a range of indexes:.

Such paths can be seen in error messages and this is exactly what you are going to give away for unwrapped modules. The Page Object pattern Browser. In general you should use Groovy Truth when checking if a checkbox is checked: This also means that navigator objects work with the Groovy spread wegdriver . Format of browser specification passed to BrowserStackBrowserFactory.


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Like waitFor a WaitTimeoutException will be thrown if the wait timeout expires. However, where possible prefer implicit driver management which is discussed later in this chapter.

The filternothas and hasNot methods have the same signatures – they accept: To obtain any of the properties for all matched elements, you can use the Groovy spread operator.

Post as a guest Name. Geb takes a lot of inspiration from this. To do this, you can specify a closure for the config key innerNavigatorFactory …. Added a Travis CI debdriver that runs tests on submitted pull requests [ ].