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But I do not get any sound out of my computer speakers still. I recall it took me along time to fully set it up and tweak it in setting for this result I wish I took a screen shot now because coming f to it I have no idea what I had for my old settings. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I just am not sure how to plug in these speakers becasue I only see a quarter inch jack for the left and right monitor?

Took a long break from recording and starting to come back to it, I use to have xp32 running aa 2. View More Photo Galleries.

Digital PC based Court Recording Solutions

User Control Panel Log out. The FP10 may be connected to a PC with either a 4-pin firewire connector or a 6-pin connector.

This should revert any ports back to USB 2 only. Please enter a title.

In most cases, the cables that might currently be directed to a tape deck device, such as the Sony BM multi-track recorder, can simply be unplugged from the BM and plugged back into the FP The first picture asuo an example of a firewire cable with 6-pin connectors on both ends. I know the speakers would sound good because my friend used them with his Mac when he comes over and records with Logic.


Messing with the buffer settings and making sure that Audition recognizes any changed settings might do it Because Asik don’t own a set of powered monitors and I already own a really good set of Logitec 5. The FP10 supports 8 mic level inputs with 8 XLR connections and associated pre-amps, or 8 line level inputs. I know that it is possible to use my FP10s inputs and my computer as the output because I tested this out in Guitar Rig, I have no idea why Sonar can’t let me do the same thing.

Contact High Criteria or your Liberty sales representative, if you have any questions concerning the installation of the FP10 device.

Presonus Audio electronic FP10 User Manual – Page 1 of 30 |

I am having a huge problem with Sonar. The FP10 will work with either cable, but you must get the correct cable to connect with your PC.

I can only second that. If your PC has an integrated 4-pin connector, then you must obtain a firewire cable that has a 6-pin connector at one end and a 4-pin connector at the other end. Contact and Corporate Information. Forums Posts Latest Posts. In short I want to be able to hear what I am doing out of my computers sound card and be able to plug into my FP Fort Worth, TX Status: Please type your message and try again.


Uninstall any USB 3 Drivers. If anyone has had this problem please tell me what you did to solve it. In most cases, the microphone cables that might currently be directed to a tape deck device, such as the Sony BM multi-track recorder, can simply be unplugged from the BM and plugged back into the VSL.

All three of the steps above must be reviewed and confirmed to make sure that a USB 3 port is not used with the mixer.

ASIO4all and Presonus Firepod Problem!

Beagle Max Output Level: Do not plug the mixer into a port labeled USB 3. One for left right and centerone for the sub woofer and one for the rear speakers.

If you get the “Requires Re-initialization” message, or you have problems using a presonus mixer, follow the steps below to make sure that you are not using a USB 3 port: I notice the new driver had a lot more options to it- for the better.