ASIO performance is outstanding. View More Photo Galleries. The 2 professional mic ins with phantom power and pre-amp for the Waveterminal can come in very handy for voice overs and re-dubs. SoundForge was basically the same set up and away I go. You can use just about anything to act as a front end recorder to just about anyting else, including WDM based apps acting as a recording front end for a purely ASIO based app. If you follow the instructions in the manual, it literally goes smooth as silk.

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ESI – Product Archive: Waveterminal X

ASIO performance is outstanding. After installing the newer drivers the latency went down to 5.

Apprantly this card can do some great stuff with software based midi instruments. From experience, if the book says don’t reboot the computer when windows ask you too, then do yourself a favor, don’t reboot until all the drivers are installed. I purchased a recently releasded pro sound card called the Waveterminal M at a local computer show from Florida Music Corporation. I would recomend this before many of the more expensive interfaces.

ESI Waveterminal 192M

The manual is an example of simplicity and clarity. This step is recommended instead of using PC based speakers.

I’m also looking into Sonar for original recording, since VV3 only support the windows sound mapper at this time. So my comments are more as a video person, looking for better audio, and adding some Acid mixes to my waveferminal, rather than a pro like DSE who has years more experience in this field.

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In comparison, the Audiophile card has one dsp chip. My DAW is not cutting edge.

Waveterminal 192M

It has a main ESI chip along with 4 dsp chips. Did you guys read the artical about Maudio copying ESI’s studio monitor? I also could get very low latency and the best thing is the revolutionary interface and driver, that lets you play from one application e.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. I simply couldn’t afford to 1k price tags that many of the better PCI based Audio cards are asking for.

Thanks for your post. After playing around with it for a couple of weeks, I can safely say goodbye 192 the limitations of the soundblaster Audigy cards. Uninstalling the M-Audio drivers fixed that right up. Return to posts index.

ESI WaveTerminal M – Recording Tips

You will need this to set the latency for Acid Pro. So far, the drivers for this card have proven stable, fast and reliable. Some of you use the DirectWire, I never tried. I’ve been using the Quatafire which is the firewire version with less analog inputs of the M and am really happy with it. For me this was handy for mixing in External hardware synths into the mix as it went to SoundForge or WaveLab without anyproblems at all.

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The result is a very high performance, low latency driver that well out performs my previous card. Running the softsynths was just as pleasant with no missfires in the system at all. And the Waveterminal was forced to run alongside a SoundBlaster card just to see how it played with others. Any of you having any weird lock up issues in S5 with EgoSys cards?

I’ve also test it it with Sonar 2 XL with no problems. So just hold on tight. They also make firewire and usb based audio tools. Sonar, Sound Forge with direct digital connection and no need of digital-to-audio and audio-to-digital conversion and wire cables.

You can hook up condensor mikes if needed. My system is not 64 bit so I’m fine with that at the moment.