Added feature to hold until system off during power down. Electronics Interface Logic Level Serial. As part of our continuous improvement, the processor and PCB layout have been changed to improve availability, manufacturability, and quality Impact: Improved pulse length functionality. So what is the Crystalfontz CFA? Transition to the CFA 1v2 hardware and supporting firmware should be a seamless process.

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This new module is the CFA family.

Our CFA displays were introduced with these configuration options. Reactivation of the CFA family of modules with 1v2 hardware and supporting firmware. The CFA series of advanced display modules will be changing from the previous firmware revision of 2. CFA series Hardware revision 1. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience.

The CFA family was designed as replacement for the Cra, allowing a ccrystalfontz for improved performance, graphics, and the ability for end users to write their own firmware to take advantage of the capabilities of the enhanced hardware.

20×4 Serial Character LCD

Quick Order Sign In Cart. October 6, Summary: June 6, Summary: After the announcement, Crystalfontz America, Inc began designing a replacement module and planned for continuing to manufacture and support the CFA family until a compatible replacement module was designed and available.


For most applications, the CFA hardware revision 1. There is no price change associated with this product update notice. We have a display for that! Supporting firmware for the reactivation of the CFA family of modules.

CFA firmware version 2. Drive bay kits in their current configuration will no longer be available.

20×4 Character USB LCD Display

Fixes Updates to timings and sequence of Serial interface power up to prevent possible corruption of data displayed Reason: Parameter checking on command 20 is corrected.

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Plan on making transition to the CFA family of modules when available. The crystalcontz of the changes to the firmware have been in support of the RW LCD controller and are transparent to the user interface.

CrystalFontz USB LCD CFA | Introduction | Cases & Cooling | OC3D Review

We will provide you the following when available: Final shipments of CFA from partner factory Q2 Purchasing Resources Quick Order Know your part number? We will not ship production orders of 1v2 hardware until the 1v1 inventory is depleted Q4 Estimated – CFA 1v1 hardware to be exhausted, transition to CFA 1v2 hardware complete Price Change: Physical Characteristics Characters x Lines 20 x 4 Module Overall width height depth millimeters 37 There is no scheduled price change to the CFA family at this time.


First there crystalfomtz an annoying high pitched alarm that went off whenever your user set fan trip point was reached. Physical Characteristics Characters x Lines 20 x 4 Module Overall width height depth millimeters 37 Over the next 6 months or so, we will be transitioning to a keypad that is 1. This will allow for further customization by our customers to better fit their needs.

20×4 Serial Character LCD (CFATFEKL) from Crystalfontz

Engineering samples for qualification for the revised CFA are scheduled to be available Q3 of Crystalfontz has a forum dedicated to end user support. Ccrystalfontz samples for qualification for the revised CFA are scheduled to be available Q3 of Based on customer requests and feedback, the WRUSBY33 has a much simpler connection to the main board of a system with a 0.

Part numbers have changed accordingly: