A domestic appliance device, particularly a domestic refrigerator device, has at least one appliance body with at least one a rear wall, at least one shelf unit, and at least one retainer unit provided for retaining the shelf unit. The head of the bolt prevents a nut mounted on the threaded shaft between the head and the top compression plate from being dismounted from the device. The seismic survey of the territory of Catalonia is mainly performed by the regional seismic network operated by the Cartographic and Geologic Institute of Catalonia ICGC. The invention further describes a laser-based light source , especially an automotive headlight, comprising such a light conversion module In the Northern California Seismic Network NCSN purchased a Libra satellite seismograph system from Nanometrics, Inc to assess whether this technology was a cost-effective and robust replacement for their analog microwave system.

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I have the actual hardware that inserts into laptop and I used to put my SIM card into I used this as an emergency email access tool gpes I lived up in Isan last year, where it was extremely slow to download a few emails, and net surfing was not worth it. The Pd can be used to infer the expected maximum ground shaking.

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The accuracies of the mathematical function approximations for the emulation models of power and SAR are 5. Meanwhile, we establish mathematic models to analyze the robustness and energy efficiency of RRSS. Provided is an insulation product, optionally in a tubular form, that includes a coated foam insulation layer, where the foam insulation layer has a closed-cell structure. Unlike the published isotropic antennas which are either single band or large in size, the proposed antenna covers both GSM bands with required bandwidth and is only half wavelength long.

Dual camera is useful in enhancing certain effects like blur, zoom and wide angle photos. We present results from a state-of-the-art fit of electroweak precision observables and Higgs-boson signal-strength measurements performed using 7 and 8 TeV data from the Large Hadron Collider.

Viability of GSM and CW exposed cells did not significantly differ from matched control cell samples. Each module half comprises an outer part 3, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, This thesis describes a compositional framework for developing situation awareness applications: The purpose of this project is to develop a local real-time river flood monitoring and warning system for the selected communities near Mandulog River. As datasets improve and we can view the rupture process at a finer scale, the interconnected, fractal nature of faults is revealed even by individual earthquakes.


To obtain your new SIM card, please fill in the web form at http: In addition, the lowest tolerable SSs, which gave the RNFL thickness within the variability margin of manufacturer recommended SS range 6—10were determined for device, original, and HM measurements.

The circuit consisting of low-noise amplifier, transconductance amplifier, and switching mixer offers In the first axial position, the valve body is biased into engagement with the valve seat by the biasing element.

The Grade of Service and average packet delay is investigated as a function of the load, packet size and call duration. The metering valve is configured to controllably determine a fuel flow rate of a metered outflow formed from the first portion of the total metered fuel flow.

However, seismicity and moment release in a third region at the northern end of the East Flank spread over time to form an elongated NE to SW structure, roughly parallel both to an elongated cluster of seismicity at the southern end of the East Flank and to regional fault traces mapped at the surface.

At least one spring wxen element is located between the flapper element and the valve housing for providing a damping force resisting the pivotal movement of the flapper element towards its open position. The basement at the northwestern margin of the valley, to the north of the Superstition Hills, g;rs been normal-faulted and blocks of basement material have ”calved” into the trough.

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The flapper element has a proximal end, and is pivotally mounted to the valve housing adjacent the periphery of the valve opening at its proximal end for pivotal movement between a closed position, in which it blocks the flow of fluid through the valve opening and a fully open position in which it permits the flow of fluid through the valve opening.

As we separate data import and export away from acquisition, we are also working on new approaches to separate real-time processing and rapid reliable archiving of real-time data. At the next level there are the picking procedures, or “pickers”, on a per instrument basis, looking for phases. Compared to the outdated equipment, the new equipment will speed up data delivery by about 10 sec, which is fast enough for earthquake early warning applications.


Here the lessons from the California experience are invaluable.

Sxen method is based on an analysis of amplitude and phase index parameters calculated from pairwise cross-correlations of three stations, which provides multiple references for reliable error estimates. Since first publication of system documentation there has been notified a potential safety problem’s occurrence. Also, the power amplifier PA is the most power-consuming building block in the transmitter of a portable system. Seismicity and crustal structure at the Mendocino triple junction, Northern California.

Growth of epicotyl and hypocotyl was found to be reduced, whereas the outgrowth of roots was stimulated.

The armature has a first coil-de-energized axial position and a second coil-energized axial position.

The end cap comprises an upper wall, a bottom wall, and a side wall. Most guidelines and recommendations on induced seismicity published since the ies conclude that an indispensable component of such a strategy is the establishment of seismic monitoring in an early stage of a project.

Additionally, we show an application that effects of instrument response errors that experience pole-zeros variations on monitoring temporal variations in crustal properties appear statistically significant velocity perturbation larger than the standard deviation.

A lighting device for vehicles with a plurality of components to be connected, having a light source, a light source carrier, an optical element and a heat sink, wherein a first component is connected by a fastener to a second component at a fastening point and wherein the first component and acrd second component have different thermal expansion properties, wherein as the fastener, a shrink-fitting agent is provided, which in a fastening state of the same exerts a fixing force which compresses joining surfaces of the first component and the second component.