David Sesnovich is offline. I suggest asking on the XBMC forums for more help, could be some other problem e. This will make everything install 2 Alternatively, he set up something new today that allows the same package to be downloaded directly from the internet from the ‘Downloads’ section of your hacked atv gui. Nov 20, at But, it is interesting. Hi, I was just wondering, I have the mac mini with1. Nov 18, at 3:

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A few recent scans have loaded up new additions without loading in any “fake” items as before, and the CrystalHD seems to be working; not really got any p stuff to test it with, tho I didn’t get it for that. So, if one fails, try another. Do I need it? Picture one is a film it “found” and added to my movie library.

Apple TV 1 FAQ

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Could be the website scraper for TV shows is offline so try again later, the option to enable the TV Show Library on the home screen only works if there is a media library present so thats why.

This requires a little computer-y words and stuff. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

ATV with Crystal HD clarification please | Firecore

Ok there were no options to uninstall any of the firecore stuff xbmc or crystalhd drivers so I’ve done a factory reset on the ATV so it’s standard, so as to remove any trace of ATVFlash. If all goes well you should have a new launcher menu entry on the ATV dash. I’ve tried the free version as well as the atv flash pay setup, and I find the free version just as easy and obviously gratis. I’d actually recommend getting the tools that ifixit recommends.


I think I had a problem before on the last install of XBMC where a scraper or something was offline or attv be reached, so I left it xtv tried again the next day and it worked. One more thing — I am by NO means an expert on crystlhd stuff — I’m a physician who majored in History back in college, and have no real computer training. So I just wiped the USB stick and am creating the patchstick again incase it didn’t create last time properly.

Did the physical installation, and then ran the software installation, as depicted here; Fire Core Crystaldh I don’t know what they’ve done with this RC1 version of Dharma, but it’s completely screwing qtv movie library up! There are all kinds of guides out there, along with software some free, some not.

Just got home – and it’s working!

I just wanted to consolidate my source links so that others might be able to save some time if they’re thinking about doing the same. There’s a for-pay upgrade you can apply as well, but all the hacking you need is in the free version. The Broadcom Crystal HD PCI-e mini card can be installed and replace this wi-fi card, crystalyd can offload the processing needs for video content. They cost like 20 bucks total and can be added to your tool supply — and those screws can be a real PITA.


Nov 19, at 5: I was wondering, i know i’m supposed to replace the wifi card with the chip This should be the easiest way to do it. Just the other day I was googling for something like this.

First, go to the first post hereand follow his instructions incuding getting Launcher 3. I managed to find a settings in the context menu I remember using before, Set Content, and changed a few things in there and am now doing a rescan so hopefully it won’t mess too much up!

Because it’s pretty much the same procedure. Originally Posted by pmcd Now this is what would make my year So it’s rebooted now and I have two new tool bar entries – Software Menu and Launcher. Looking at the guide on the google code page, my file structure does look different to his one; I have two partitions on my usb drive – one called patchstick and one called recovery.

Nov 18, at 9: Now, the ‘stable’ version of this app that is available to the public does not have CrystalHD support, as it is in essentially pre-alpha stage of development. The PQ was as good as I get from my ps3’s. What will you need to do in order to take advantage of this card?