Sure looks like an “interesting” site! Of course, the DVR may automatically format a new drive regardless of the format already present What was the exact model of drive? Time Warner Cable is a horror. My only choice is still to ditch my recorded programming, and roll the dice as to whether a newer box will work better. After all, what do they have to lose – they already have your credit information, they already bill you on a monthly basis, so you’ll surely get their box back to them on time.

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I’m still prowling around the site to see if I can answer any questions. You are reporting the following post: Disconnect the power cable from the back of the device. Posted November 25, by David Kirk in Technology reviews.

It will then give you the option to write the correct partition map to the disk. There is one set of leads going directly to the main board and another is a SATA power connector for the hard drive. They are absolutely the worst.

How to Reset or Reboot a Scientific Atlanta Cable Box

What was the exact model of drive? If I can determine the type format used, it will be a good start towards either reading the data off it, or repairing the drive. If you use a different carrier, yes you lose your recorded info.


From what I understand the Samsung units will be replacing the current Scientific Atlanta Cisco boxes. I tried disconnecting the reconnecting the cable without any luck. Any ideas on a way to fix this? I expected to find a screw or something Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

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I ran fdisk on the drive and to my surprise it was a standard linux file system! Other than those two suggestions the only other thing I can suggest is taking the drive out of the enclosure and connecting it via regular sata connection.

Control to easily navigate program guides and commands. Once widnows is open, connect it directly to a sata port. And it’s not a simple cable box, it’s a DVR.

This was helpful 0. I just never set up an eSATA drive out of pure lazyness. Reminds me of the fact my gold plated usb connected keyboard occasionally doesn’t power up when my computer does.

Windows couldn’t find the drive, so she gave up and plugged it back into the DVR. These directions have been tested on cable box versions, and Time Warner Cable is a horror.


It displays all the WD data correctly including the drive windiws. There are a variety of reasons to dislike TWC.

Hdc Dvr Windows Driver – aktivtrader

You might not be. I wouldn’t mind finding a way to transfer the movie files to a different drive so I can edit them, and transfer them to DVDs. They learn about it in “Screw the Customer U. I’m thinking if I can find a way to read the drive, I can see what was changed in the Master Boot Record or whatever and possibly repair the damage.

IF we can recover them. Sign up for a new account in our community. You are posting a reply to: The rear composite video input line 1 on the Sony will not. That is not the case here.