I would also like to say that although I have written some programs using VB I am very much a beginner. So it seems to be noise that is filtered out by the frontpanel display software! D – Example Programs Example 2. The returned value is 15, if the switch is set to Normal and 60, if the switch is set to Fast. The port has three signal pins and a digital ground pin.

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This will allow you to configure the instruments as desired. This is my first attempt after which I wish to do on transistors and other devices. Message 1 of 5. Common commands and queries are categorized under System, Status, or Trigger functions and are listed at the end of each group.

Ripple rejection is a function of the number of cycles of the ripple frequency contained in the acquisition window.

Contact us Go to quote list. You may even create a copy of it and adapt it to your needs for the other deviceā€¦. A “1” in the bit position enables the corresponding event. Moving Among Subsystems 2 – Introduction to Programming Moving Among Subsystems In order to combine commands from different subsystems, you need to be able to reset the header path to a null string within a message.

Recent Drivers  DC7700 SFF TREIBER WINDOWS 10

So it seems to be noise that is filtered out by the frontpanel display software! Results 1 to 2 of 2. USB and RS for commanding. Extensive functions, lzbview support Powerful macro command language. There are examples packed with the Hpa driver. It also reduces jitter when measuring successive pulse waveforms.

C Mercury Step Stepper Motor Controller, 1 Axis

Error numbers are displayed on the front panel Error numbers and messages are read back with the SYSTem: This query requests the dc source to identify any options that are installed. Error Messages Error Number List This appendix gives the error numbers and descriptions that are returned by the dc source. Message 4 of 5. It returns a string composed of four fields separated by commas. It is required if the calibration mode is being enabled and the existing password is not 0.

Accessing Online Help 2 – Introduction to Programming 6. Language Dictionary – 4 CALibrate: Manual Updates The following updates have been made to this manual since the December printing indicated on the Printing History page. Message 2 of 5.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

WINDow This command sets the window function that is used in output measurement calculations. Introduction to Programming – 2 Baud Rate The front panel Address key lets you select one of the following baud rates, which is stored in non-volatile memory: Multiple output linear system dc power supplies pages. Input for RS signals for index switch. Labvirw the DC Source – 3 Making Measurements The dc source has the ability to make several types of voltage or current measurements.


All products available online can be ordered directly. Interface for analog joystick.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies ag663xxa Power Supply

Got it, continue to print. CURRent Agilent A, A Only This command defines a band around the trigger level through which the signal must pass before an internal measurement can occur.

Measurements are performed by digitizing the instantaneous output voltage or current for a defined number of samples and sample interval, storing the results in a buffer, and calculating the measured result. Measurement Commands Language Dictionary – 4 Measurement Commands Measurement commands consist of measure and sense commands.

Quick Navigation Visual Basic.